Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost 38....YUK!!!

Greeting card from the store: "Why are birthdays and vacuums alike?"

"They both suck."

My sediments exactly. Well, maybe not if you're six, as obviously seen in the photo, but almost 38 is different. At six, it's all presents and cake and being the center of attention for a day. I guess I don't need all the hoopla, but being recognized as existing and honoring the day I came to be here is nice. I do like the growing wiser part, but I am not the grow old gracefully type. I do not enjoy finding yet another gray hair somewhere on my body, or the fact that my eyes could not see far away and in the past four to five months my eyes can't see up close either. I have been told that I don't look my age, but we all know that that gravy train will end one day, and I'll be just as saggy and wrinkly as the rest.
What is your favorite part of the aging ashes to ashes.... dust to dust process? I would love to be convinced that it's not as bad as I think!


Anonymous said...

I can't say much since I just turned '38'.
Most birthdays are no big deal but this one bothered me. I guess I am starting to see the aging process on my face and well everywhere... That I guess I realized I'm not 29 like my mind says I am.
I have to say that you really don't look your age and you are blessed with young looks!
Have a happy one!
Love ya,

Lynne said...

38 is still young enough to hope and to get zits! What should we do to celebrate?

Diane said...

Marissa-from one lovely to are so beautiful.... to me! Lynne-I will probably need zit makeup when they bury me, must be part of my youthful charm....

Hannah said...

Happy, happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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