Friday, July 10, 2009

It Takes so Little to Make Me Happy

The laundry room.
I don't need a ceiling....
Sheet rock and screws for walls is enough for me.
Just give me a $15 wire shelf from Home Depot and I am a very happy camper! Me smiling! Thank you husband. (Tide and Bounty promo is free.)


Jody Zilske Green Tees Embroidery said...

Oh, I can sooo relate. When my mother saw our first house she cried and said, "How could he make you live here!"

But only 12 years later, everything I wanted done was done -and then we sold the house:)
Gotta keep smilin'

Unknown said...

It looks lovely. I don't have a shelf like that in our laundry closet. There is just piles of clothes on top of the washer along with the detergent!

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