Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cat Farm (part 2)

After returning from a lovely trip to Florida, we were welcomed home by an orange tom cat on our back porch. We realized it was (notice the bold print) our neighbor's cat and figured it will find its way back during the night. In the morning we got up and wallah! Tom was still there. Looking sweet and meowing for food, I went to the local mini mart, and bought what I thought was my one and only box of cat food ever, and returned home. It was March, still wintery, and I do have a small soft spot in my cold heart. That day, we fed Tom and he has never left us.
Our neighbor had been called away on business, and when she returned home was looking for her cat. I apologized that the cat seemed to have "picked us". I insisted that I had no idea why since he is only getting cheap box food and not been allowed to come inside.
Because of Tom's sweet nature, he has won me over and is considered our family cat. My heart has expanded. One kind, gentle, loving cat welcomed into our lives. We are complete.

There is no way this story ends that easy.....

Many stray cats had been noticed entering and leaving our barn. That summer, my husband found four kittens in our barn looking suspiciously orange. Who's your daddy? Yea, Tom's your daddy. After that, Tom took "the ride", if you know what I mean. The mother cat was a wild, very feral cat that did her best to keep her kittens safe from human eyes by moving them many times. Eventually, she moved them back behind my neighbor's house probably to keep my kids away. My neighbor had noticed the cats and kept a watchful eye on them. The opportunity came one day and snatch..... they were able to grab one of the kittens and bring it into the house. She is an avid cat lover and I think she may have secretly wanted a part of Tom back, so she took it in hoping to domesticate it. Unfortunately, the feral nature was ingrained in her, and she is still very skittish towards people.

Red (my neighbor's name for the cat), Tom Junior (what we used to call the cat before we realized it was a girl) and finally, Theresa has been showing herself around my house, eating my food and occasionally letting one of us get near to her and pet her if we approach slowly.
Next time.... a lesson learned from our cats.


Chico Woo said...


Me said...

You are not going to be that crazy cat lady who has fifteen cats and knows each and every one and can describe their personalities. I won't let you go down that road, Di! Come back, come back!
That being said, Tom is a very nice, very pretty cat. he didn't scratch, bite or hiss at my kids so that earns him points in my book.

Lou said...

Good morning from Denver..
was surfing blogs and found yours..
lovely! just had to share MY cat story..daughter had to remove her two cats when her house was up for sale..enter Toby and Ballou..toby ..6 toes polytactile tuxedo..gray and white,,purrrrfect lover..Ballou,, fuzzy long haired ,green eyed antisocial..they thrived here away from three children under the age of 5, and two ginormous DOGS.. fast forward,a friend no longer wanted her adorable long haired calico..was threatening to take APRIL kitty to the humane society..said I, absolutely NOT..april ugh became enchanting BeBe.. most loveable bundle of sweetness..devoted to me..never lets me out of sight..last December, on a miserably bitterly cold 18 degree day, i open the door to check the mail and discover a banana box all taped up, just sitting next to the door..attempting to open the door, head a faint noise..brought the box indoors to the laundry room, carefully opening the box to discover a full grown orange MALE cat..hissed and shrieked ..hid behind the washer.inside the box, a bag of food, two bowls and a toy and blanket.after two days ,i decided to take matters to task..armed with catnip,I coaxed the reluctant recluse out..and gently talked to him as i rubbed him down with catnip..Bubba, as in Forrest Gump about never knowing whatcha gonna get..entered the household..he was obviously previously very loved..where he came from ..I have not a clue..Toby returned to daughter because we had two alpha males..did'nt work..Ballou has since come out of his shell and is just as sociable and demanding his love time equally!all three never let me out of their sight..which at times is not fun..but they dutifully perform their tasks..always guarding the chairs, the bed, the back of my chair..while providing daily doses of humor,,always generously loving..
that's my cat story..all true.. and the names have NOT been changed..
♥hugs and smiles,purrrrs from Denver..
Mountain Mermaid..

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