Sunday, May 24, 2009

Human, whoops I Mean Cat Nature-part 3

Yes, this is how tense Theresa is, even trying to sleep.

One day, my perceptive daughter asked me, "Mom, why is Theresa so afraid of people?" I explained to her that her mother raised her to stay away from people because they could hurt her. Her mother had good intentions. Don't we as parents, almost always have good intentions towards our children. We try to keep them safe, show them the pitfalls in life that could overtake and harm them. Our children try to imitate and follow our leads. Then I explained that now she is watching how her father reacts towards people. Loving to be held and stroked to the point of major drool running down his furry front. Seeing how Tom can be relaxed and not fearful with others.
She is starting to warm up to us. Letting us occasionally pet her and feel her soft fur. Probably her entire life she would have missed out on all contact with others. Mostly alone.

Taken to the extreme, she would have never had physical contact with anyone and lived a very isolated, fearful life. Change takes time, but isn't it worth it? Replacing fear, hurts, and anxiety for joy, peace and love is freedom. Ultimately, she will probably live a longer and happier life having a family relationship with us.
And thankfully, we will have a more complete life because of her and Tom.

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