Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Carnage Continues

Another land mine was found in my back yard. This time a barn swallow courtesy of some undetermined feline. It's gross and barbaric compared to our civilized grocery store buffet line of processed meats from which to select. However that's what cat's do. It is in there genetic nature. They are "bent" to do cat things.

Oh the joys.....

And finally the removal.
It made me stop and think of ways that I am "bent". Do I have characteristics that I was born with for a reason? I like things organized and not unruly. Is this a good trait... yes. Can I be obsessive and critical sometimes if things are not just as I want them to be...yes. Is it possible that even a God-given trait can be misused or abused? Absolutely! Even though this is a part of how I was made, I need to use self control and direct it toward good purposes. Not always easy I assure you, but left unchecked how many of my own land mines will I end up stepping on and self detonating? (BTW: The music's the best part and yes, I am slightly sadistic :>)

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