Friday, June 5, 2009

Great Expectations..... DASHED!

A sweet friend Lynne had called to invite me to get a pedicure with her for my birthday. I decided at 38 I should experience all the joys and pampering that only a pedicure could bring. I am low maintenance (My husband will vouch for me), but figured half of the free world gets them done FREQUENTLY, so there must be some joy I am missing. We went to the very busy, all Asian nail salon where we had to wait to be seen even with an appointment. I am ready for the works. The massage chair is calling my name. I nestle in and try to operate the many buttons. I find that the kneading and vibrating too rough and opt to just enjoy the cushioning. My attendant did not appear to speak much English and just pushed or pulled my feet in and out of the blue water to direct me through the many steps. Many different kinds of goop were rubbed on my feet and legs and quickly washed or dried off. My foot rub and massage (LOL) lasted ten seconds and then I was given three pounds on each leg for circulation????? The only way to communicate with her what color I wanted, was to point to the chair I was sitting on, and fortunately it was the maroon color I desired. The whole process was approximately 30 minutes long and I thought I was on some kind of crazy sweat shop assembly line being processed.

I am glad the cat fully appreciated the toes, because I didn't. Anyways, a friend of mine had mentioned that they were trying to teach their kids a craft or trade to carry with them through life. Well, my daughter will be learning one too. I am going to start training her next week. I figure one pedicure a day won't infringe on the child labor laws and for $25 for 30 minutes of work, not a bad rate of return! Don't wait, start booking your appointments today!


lynne said...

Hilarious! Glad we could experience all the joys together! And they didn't make you bleed...

Diane said...

There are extras like bleeding? I didn't get my full money's worth!

Jeanette Levellie said...

The only pedicure I've ever had was way more than 3 pummels and 30 seconds of washing. Can you get your money back?
You are too funny!

sherrinda said...

I've only had 2 pedicures and LOVED them!!! I would soooo get them often if I had the money! :) You have a fun blog!

Diane said...

Jeanette, I'm sure they would not speak good enough English to understand, I want a refund!
Sherrinda, Start training up your children now and you too can have perfect toes all the time.

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